To be able to meet the moms you have bonded with online, is an awesome experience. It is hard to put into words the feeling it gives you. It is not like meeting a stranger, it is family....a sisterhood. Our hearts have already met, it is just a matter of seeing each other face to face.

Below you will find links to pages where Angel Moms share their meetings with the rest of of. Some of the meetings are large groups and some are just two moms meeting, but no matter what, you will carry the memory in your heart forever.


Angel Moms Retreat 2001
Angel Moms Retreat 2002
Angel Moms Retreat 2003
Angel Moms Retreat 2004


Debbie & Judi Meet-Feb. 1999
Deb & Janine Meet-Sept. 2001
Judy A. & Judi W. Meet-Aug. 2002
Kelly & Rosemary Meet-Meet-Nov. 2002