Christmas Messages to Our Children

Though time and distance may come
Between a Mother and her child
The bond that keeps them close,
The love they share...
Is never more than a memory away...

Shane Hebert

Shane, this is my 5th Christmas without you son. Though the pain has lessened some, it still hurts so much. The holidays are just not the same without you, but you are still very much a part of everything we do. I love and miss you so much, I hold you close in my heart. I thank you for all the wonderful memories you have given me, I treasure each and every one.

Merry Christmas in Heaven Shane!
Love Mom

Nathan Goldsberry

Nathan, As the Christmas season approaches I reflect upon our Christmas's with you. I remember you as a small child sneaking and unwrapping your stocking presents and then very carefully rewrapping them. I remember the year you Hope and Tenee' had matching pj's to wear on Christmas Eve. Our Christmas has not been the same sense you left us and we often wonder what you would be like today. I pray that Christmas in Heaven is glorious, with shiny stars and snowflakes. Angels all around and you holding onto another small child's hand. I love you and miss you with each and every breath I take.

Love, Mom

Kevin Bowles

Dear Kevin,
Christmas will never be the same without you.. It was your very favorite holiday, and used to be mine.. We miss you with all our hearts. I still see you when your eyes would light up on christmas morning.. You laughter would ring through the house. Oh how I miss that laugh, and that twinkle in your eyes.. I remember our last Christmas together.. You told me it was the best Christmas we had ever had... But then you always said that every year.. I love you my darling baby boy and you will be with me forever in my heart until we meet again in Heaven..You were a gift from God and We are so very thankful to have had you with us on earth even though your time was so short here...

Love Mom and Dad

Shawn Bannon

Five years but six Christmases my "Punky". My memories are too numerous to list, for you did love Christmas so didn't you? The Bonzai tree I had always wanted, that you searched high and low for on that last Christmas, stayed with me for a year to the day and I will always be grateful to you for that peace. You are with your beloved Grandpa now, I bet you are just laughing together about all the times he fooled you into thinking Santa was really ringing his front door Christmas bells for you. You never could get outside fast enough to catch Santa leaving in his sleigh could you? Is GreatGrandmother teasing you still about how come you get to have two Christmases every year? Christmas was always my least favorite celebration, however, together we sure made it an awesome thing didn't we my son?

I miss you Shawn; you are my love, my light, and my life, all ways, always...'till we are together again......Mom.

Nicole L. Gardner

Niki,this is our 2nd Christmas without you.You were always able to get me in the Christmas spirit,I keep remembering you running around the house with the scotch tape and ripping it off and saying" mom doesn't this just smell like Christmas?"Every holiday I go to the card section and look to see if they have a card that describes what you mean to me and they always do and I just slip it back and walk away.I want to thank you for the many memories at Christmas,I hold each and every one close to my heart.

Nik I love and miss you each and every day
Love Mom

Mike Sapp

Mike, I wish I could say 'merry Christmas' and mean it from my heart, but when you left, some of the merry in me left too. I will always remember our last Christmas together - who would have thought two months later you would not be with us. That first Christmas you were born, you were our miracle baby, and we knew there was a reason God allowed us to keep you. I am so thankful He gave you to me for those 22 years - you brought such joy and laughter to our home. I chuckle when I think of how hard it was to discipline you - I would try to be so stern, and you would look at me, point your finger at me, and call my name, and laugh. And of course, I lost it at that point. :) I miss you more than I thought possible, and will hold you in my heart forever.

Love Mom

Jeremy Landeck

Jeremy- I sit here typing this and do not know what to say. I feel as if this part of me is missing this holiday season. Losing you last year was the hardest thing I have ever gone through, when I had to let you go my heart shattered into a million pieces. Thank you my angel for sending me your sister, she is truly a blessing and I see a lot of you in her eyes. There is not a day that goes by that I do not think of you and miss you. You always will be my precious baby boy and I will love you and cherish the memory of you for the rest of my life. I hope you like your Christmas wreath, Papa put lights on it for you, you always loved looking at light. I will bring you your present on Christmas eve and your ornaments are already on the tree. You are forever in my heart and soul.

Mommy, Daniel, and Lexi

Alex Morgan

Dearest Alex,
I can hardly believe you've been away for 5 Christmas's already. My sweet little boy. I think of you often, and wonder what I would be buying you this year. Thank God, I have your sisters to keep me going. Although, there will never be a replacement for you, they do help fill in the empty spaces in my heart.

I miss you AngelBoy,and LOVE YOU with all my heart. Merry Christmas sweet baby~
Love, Mommy

Jeff David Beck

This is my third Christmas without you. It is still so hard for me to think of not having you here, to watch you as you take the candy canes from the tree ( I always put them there for you and your sister because I knew how much you enjoyed them). This is the first year I have not had candy canes on the tree. We all miss you very much and even though I know you are with us in spirit I still can't hold you or see your smile. Know we love and miss you very much. Holding you in our hearts until the day we can be together again.

Love Mom & Randy
Your Sister Kristy and my little Rayden
Your Sister Kathy and Brother John

Greg Watts

Greg, It's been three years now and I wonder how I made it through every holiday ,every second and every hour of every day. You are with me in my heart always. I hope and pray that you are happy and watching over me and Dana and your aunts. I missyou so much that it hurts. If only I could hug you one more time. So here son is my spiritual hug to you. It isn't much but it comes form the very depth of my soul.

Merry Chrisrmas in Heaven Son,

Robert Ferreira

Rob, This is really our first Christmas without you. Our hearts are so full of sadness, and I know you would not want it to be that way. Gig will be with us for Christmas. But it will never ever be the same again, without you here. I hope you like the little tree Dad and I left for you. We love you Baby and we miss you so much. Can't wait to be with you again. That is all Dad and I talk about.

All my Love for ever and ever.

Kristen Leigh-Ann Vance

My little Kricky this is the second Christmas without and yet even though I never got to spend a Christmas with you the pain I feel is unbearable. I miss you so much. I hope your heavenly Christmas is beautiful. I wish we had more time together but for the time I got with you was wonderful and unforgettable. You are definitely an angel that has touched my heart in a very special way. And even though you are not here you will ALWAYS be in my heart and thoughts. I miss you my lil Kricky and love you so much. until we see each other again always remember mommy loves you.

Merry Christmas Kristen
Love Always Mommy

Catherine Theresa Doherty

Seven Christmas have come and gone and this will be the 8th.
I keep asking Dear Lord why did you do me this way.
You never got to see the tree all decorated with lights
you never got to see the snow so pure and white.
You never got to have christmas presents under the tree
And I never got to wish you a merry christmas from your dad and me.
I can't help but think this holiday season there is no joy and peace for me
This holiday season without my angel by my side smiling at christmas time with me
But I will make it through Christmas day with a smile for everyone to see
Because I know up above that is what my angel would want to see
So Merry Christmas to you and all the angelmoms children who are with you
Mom and Dad love you and remember we are always with you

Hugs & Kisses
Kisses & Hugs
Catherine you are my special tiny angel
on that white cloud above
All our Love All Our Lifes
Mommy & Daddy

Jeffery Ola

Merry Christmas Jeffery, this is our first Christmas without you and son we miss you so much. I think of last Christmas you called so early and said Merry Christmas mother I love you. And all of the family was at my house and you had that Santa hat on and you just lite up when you smiled and you gave me the most beautiful angel clock . And now I see you as my angel on it when I look at it. Jeffery you will be with us in our hearts and I know you will have a beautiful Christmas in Heaven with all your angel friends. We will never forget you. And we will never let you be forgotten. You were a wonderful and loving son and father and brother and a friend to all.

Love your family, Mother, Wayne, Crissy, Cody, Gary, Cathy, Little Maw-Maw and Paw Paw, Tomasina, Hunter, Little Gary, Raeven, Desinty, Chance, Heavenly Angel born 9 days after you left for your heavenly home and Jeffery she looks so much like you, God keep you for us until we can be as one family again someday Merry Christmas my sweet angel


Larry Lee Stacey Hughs

Merry Christmas Stacey, Mom and family misses you, every moment it a lonely time without you. Even when it is a normal day, you're always on my mind. I love you and miss you so much. Please tell Got to take care of Darrell, Mom and the baby I lost a long time ago and most of all tell God to take care of you, you are my angel, you are my baby, no matter how long it takes to get to Heaven with you. You are 18 years old now, be a good boy....Merry Christmas....

Love Mom

Christopher Michael Bennett

Christopher, this is our first Christmas without you and our hearts are filled with sadness. We are thankful we had you for 21 Christmases. Although Christmas will never be the same without you here, I know you are looking down from Heaven and watching over us this Christmas and helping us to deal with it. I hope you like the Leggos I left for you. Every year you always looked for your Leggos ever since you were a little boy. I could not let Christmas go by without giving your favorite little present to you. I can not wait until we meet again.

Merry Christmas in Heaven Christopher
Love Always, Mom, Dad, Dennis Jr. and Wendy

Gabrielle Caterina Loman

My Dear Sweet Chickie,
This is the very first Christmas without you. Daddy, Christopher and I miss you more than words can say. We know you are so happy in Heaven, but we want you here with us. Please continue watching over us, and help us to feel better. We love you so very very much and think about you ALL of the time. We hope you liked the balloons we sent up to you on your 13th Birthday.

I love you so, my Chickie Sweet.
Always and Forever,

Hi Chickie,
I miss you. Please come in our dreams. I will love you in my heart always. I wish you would come back to earth. I hope you will bless the soldiers in the army today and take care of everyone who died young or old. Bless them with greetings. I love you. Merry Christmas.

Yours Truly,
Your Little Brother Buddy

Sharra and Kristen

Sharra, it's been 32 years without you. And Kristen, this is our second without you. Believe me, the pain doesn't get any easier. We all still miss you now like we did when both of you first left. Sharra, you now know Kristen, but, you have two sisters down here with us that you haven't yet met. They miss you too, even though they never knew you, you're still in their hearts. Kristen, we all miss you so very much! We all wished that you wouldn't go, and when you did, we all knew that God had big plans for you. Christmas will never be the same without you! We all love and miss you girls!

Love, Daddy, Momma, Stacy, and Leigh

Krista Michelle Petroski

Dear Krista
You are missed so very much. This is the 10th Christmas without you. Krista you just lit up our lives, with all your merriment,love, friendship,caring and compassion. not only at Christmas, but every day of our lives,while you were here. We have been Blessed to have you as a Daughter, and Brittany knows she has the most wonderful, and caring Angel Mom. Live of course, will never be the same without you, but we will try to keep our heads held high, and keep Brittany happy, just like you were. We will join you one of these days.I just know you are watching over all of us from Heaven above.Till we do meet in Heaven, I will just give your picture a kiss, every day, like I have been doing. You know how much your Dad, and I love you. You have been the most precious, cherished, and loving Daughter, parents could ever have. We love you so very much. Our memories of you will be Forever in Our Hearts.

Love Mom and Dad and
Your Precious Brittany

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